About us

company summary

AMASI is a Company managed by four executives representing Finance and Administration, Marketing and Engineering, Operations Department and Quality Assurance Department. These four executives bring to the Company a large degree of experience in the Construction Industry. They received an opportunity to acquire a significant amount of market share by focusing on specific needs of the Industry and by providing quality service than other competitor.

company overview

AIR MOVEMENT ADVANCE SYSTEM, INC. will outline a General Construction Work Plan. This representation aims to provide the Client with an overview of AIR MOVEMENT INC.’s capability in performing the task of implementing the project.

The outline includes a description of the Contractor’s over-all Company Organization and its proposed Project Staff and Manpower, to ensure the proper implementation of the project within the bonds of the Contractor’s contractual obligations. An independent Project Site Support Unit Group will be formed consisting of the following :

Quality Control System and Procedures

ascertain the conformance of the works with the plans and specifications.

Security, Property Protection and Fire Protection Program

aims to protect both lives and property in cooperation with the rest of the Contractor’s that will be involved in the implementation of the Project.

Safety and Sanitation Program

Implementation of Safety and Sanitation Programs for the duration of the construction work while compliance of government standards

In the over-all, AIR MOVEMENT ADVANCE SYSTEM, INC. objective is to deliver to the Client the Project at a reasonable cost, in accordance with Quality and in strict compliance with documents, plans and specifications

company Management

President & General Manager

Joselito David

Operations Manager

Mario Cano, Jr.

Engineering Manager

Alvin Cual

Senior Administrative Officer

Rose Ann Hernandez

Accounting Head

Maribeth Estella

Purchaser Offier


Human resources Officer

Paula Jane Louise Labonite

Project Manager

Manuel Cano, Jr.

Project Manager

Mark Andrew Kaum

company organization

AIR MOVEMENT ADVANCE SYSTEM, INC. recognized the Central Office Organization to satisfy its Clients’ need. 

AIR MOVEMENT ADVANCE, INC.’s Organization consists of two Operating Divisions, namely: The Operations and Fabrication Shops, and three support Departments; Engineering and Marketing, Finance and Administration, and Quality Assurance Department.

Operations Department

Responsible for the implementation of HVAC Projects awarded to the Company. Its manpower resources consist mainly of mechanical and electrical engineers, trained and specializes in the HVAC application field and skilled craftsmen capable of handling Ducting, Piping and Equipment Installations.

Fabrication Shop

Responsible for fabrication of standard and non-standard ductwork and piping accessories from Air Distribution products, such as registers, dampers, diffusers, hangers, and supports. The Plant is equipped with equipment and machineries for sheet metal processing including oven-baked painting facilities.

Engineering and marketing department

Provide technical support to the Operating Division in terms of design works, engineering application, estimation and auto-cad drafting. It is also responsible for handling sales involving HVAC projects thru the Architects and Consultants.

finance and adminstration

Manage the financial resources of the Company, as well as handling administrative functions, such as : Personnel, Accounting, Security and other Construction Contract requirements such as securing Government Permits, Bonds and Insurances.

Quality Assurance Department

Formed to meet the Company’s growing needs to further improve its products and services, primarily to increase customer satisfaction and to meet the challenges of a competitive business environment. To ensure its effectivity in implementing a Quality Improvement Program, the group organized a quality work team consisting of members coming from the different divisions and departments of the Company to study and implement a workable Quality Program. Furthermore, Quality Control Inspectors will be designated for both Plant and Field Operations.

project office

The Project Manager will be responsible for its over-all implementation including planning, monitoring, and its day-to-day operations. The project’s operations will consist of four major work areas handled by competent engineers, namely : The Air Distribution System, The Piping System, Equipment Installation, and The Electrical Works. These are the major components of the HVAC System.

The Project’s Operating Groups will be supported by an independent support unit which will implement a Quality Control Field Inspection Team, a Safety and Sanitation Program, as well as Security Property Protection and Fire Prevention Program. Aside form these, the Project Warehouse and the Project Services will also provide support services to ensure the efficient and proper implementation of the H V A C System. Although administratively under the Project Manager, the Project Quality Control and Warehouse are still functionally under the control of its particular mother departments at the Central Office.

Project Services will provide support in terms of material expediting, auto-cad services (shop drawings and as-built plans) and project documentation such as submittals, correspondences and other contract requirements